Painting Old Dressers

These are my craiglist score. I got two dressers and two nightstands for…

wait for it

wait for it

just a little longer


I was beside myself with giddiness. Even their mirrors in the front could not make me less pleased about this purchase. Below is the craigslist pictures, and just like I”m not going to bother with picturing both nightstands, neither did they…

image 0

image 1

image 2

I didn’t sand. I’m a rebel like that. OK, I’m not a rebel, I just used an awesome, oil based primer that could make dry spaghetti stick to the wall. I believe it was Zinsser bin. Two coats of that, and then two coats of my lovely green. I used behr eggshell. If I weren’t going to gloss it though, I would have wanted the semi-gloss, for this project, it just didn’t matter.

After that I used behr faux glaze mixed with some brown paint. Sometimes it was fifty fifty, sometimes it was more glaze. Just work with it. Some people only paint over the crevices and wipe away, leaving the color only in the gaps. I had started with that intent, but I found like I really liked the look of painting it on everywhere, and leaving a good bit of color behind as I wiped it down with a rag.

Also, I kept a bucket of water next to me and rinsed (wring it out really well) my rag regularly, then switched rags every so often. You’ll know when to switch rags!

Here she is. I think the green is a little washed out by the flash, but what can you do? (It’s only two of the pieces, but I think you get the idea…)

Now to get to that bare wall behind it.

Showing the glaze

Side note, I tried using a brush, using a traditional roller, cheapy sponge brush, and a foam roller. I’ve heard foam rollers are the best for furniture, but I prefer the brush, and it’s what I would have stuck with if I hadn’t been painting four pieces of furniture at the same time.

But how nice would a paint sprayer be?

Would I do this project again? Absolutely. In fact, I’m starting to feel like I need a red kitchen table.

What would I do differently?

I would not paint four pieces all at once again. Supposing you have a family to take care of, I would give you the same advice.


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