Another take on pretzel candies

I made these last year, and let me say that they were ridiculously delicious. I see variations of this all over the place, but they mostly require you to have certain kind of candy on hand, which I did not. So I used what was in the house, and this is what I came up with.

I forgot to take a pic until I was packaging them...

I made two kinds. The one on the right is a milk chocolate  hershey bliss with melted butterscotch drizzled on top. And yes, I did eat that ugly one in the front. I would never put the recipient through the grief of an ugly chocolate;)

The one on the left has the same kind of chocolate, with white chocolate drizzled on top. What makes this guy special though, is that I spread a layer of peanut butter on each pretzel before put the chocolate on top.

If I were going to layer them when giving away, I’d have done a thicker layer of PB, and then dipped the bottom in chocolate to seal it, but no such issue here. I just put the PB ones on bottom and the butterscotch ones on top. Just in case anyone is confused, melt the bliss (or whatever you have on hand) onto the pretzel, then drizzle. Let these guys cool for a loooong time.

And don’t mind my stove knobs hanging out on the counter, that’s how we keep little girl from poisoning us.

Anyway, my stance is that experimenting with chocolate rarely goes badly… now go eat some chocolate.

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