Our Advent Calendar

Last year I bought a large box of Christmas books off ebay, and picked 25 of them to wrap up. Starting Dec. 1st, we let LG open one every evening. I like this because it’s a tradition that can grow with your child(ren). Last year we only read the book. This year we sing a Christmas song, and then open a book. Maybe next year we can sing, read a scripture, open a book.

Next year I’ll attach numbers to the wrapping paper, so she can make sure she has the right day. I didn’t bother this or last year, and the only one that has a tag is the one I want read on Christmas.

Here is hubs, going through the box to pick out the books for this year. He did that while I was making ornaments, I’ll post more on that later.

And no, this picture has no purpose other than that it tickles me

This is where we keep them

At night, we put one under the tree for her to find. She’s got it all figured out by now, so she grabs it and runs it over to us while yelling, “oh book!”


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