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Installing Snaps on Wee One Swimsuits

I can’t take credit for this idea. Truth is, two years ago we had a swimsuit, for our then 1 yr old, that had snaps to make diaper changes easier. I have wondered and wondered why this isn’t more readily available, but after discovering that the suit I adored retailed for $30, I had resigned myself to suffering through.

Finally though, I decided to take a stab at altering one. I chose the one she never wears. You know, just in case something went terribly wrong. This is everything I used, minus the sewing machine.


I cut the suit right through the middle of the crotch, and then I cut two pieces of bias tape to go on the ends.  I used the sewing machine to attach one side, hammered on the snaps, and then hand stitched the other side.


I’m glad I used a suit I wasn’t attached to because I wasn’t paying attention and put the snaps close to the wrong edge. It doesn’t really matter, but it irritates me. I feel certain though that now that I’ve made one, I could make another pretty quickly.

Oh, and it works! Voila, easier bathroom breaks!