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The Painted Dresser and the Bread Jar

I can’t tell, is this a little girl’s room?

That blue dresser is the fruit of my white feet. She adores it

And just could not be stopped from putting her clothes away in it

I spray painted this time. I loved that it was fast. Not only because I, like the rest of the fast food nation, love immediate satisfaction, but because it disrupted family life a lot less than dragging out the paint can everyday. I got this all done in one afternoon. However, I did not like that no matter what you do, the paint will get everywhere. Everywhere. I may or may not have had blue snot for days, despite wearing a mask. Eeeeeeeeeew. I’d spray paint again though. Convenience for the win. Blue boogers tolerated.

I’ve been making our bread for a bit now. In a bread machine. I’m not Betty Crocker. Anyway, since this has become our only bread, I’ve had a conundrum- How to store the bread. Should I use a new gallon ziploc every week? Try to wash it? Use an old grocery sack? Most weeks the bread sat under a hand towel on a cutting board while I pondered this. I was experiencing an undo amount of worry (and crumbs) over this issue. One day the solution hit me though.

Bam, bread in the cookie jar.

Takes up less space on the counter than a gallon sized plastic bag or a cutting board draped with a makeshift cover, and looks about a hundred times better.

You’re welcome.

A Few Projects

I started making our fabric softener some time ago. It was one of those, hit-me-at-11pm-most-do-now things. It tends to happen around here.

I wasn’t worried about this because I have been using just vinegar forever, so I figured, how could a little water and conditioner ruin it? I made it from this website, but I use half the conditioner. The first time I tried to skip the whisking step. Don’t do that. You’re only making more work for yourself:)

Without further ado- cellphone pictures.

I use an old gallon vinegar bottle and it works perfectly.

I also ripped up an atlas from 1926 to put it on my wall. Don’t look at me like that, it was already in pieces and I saved it from the trash bin

I have a desk that I reeeeeeally didn’t want to repaint. It has a hutch (so much to paint!) and it looks just fine in my room! Except for the drawers. The previous owner tried to paint the recessed part a different color and it was ugly. Very ugly. Even without the sharpie marks. So I got creative to avoid having to paint the whole thing

Turns out we DO use that menu board. Go us.

And I painted the toddler’s dresser today. Pictures, not of my feet, to come.

And do you see that paint covered bandaid on my toe? That’s from stepping on a nail that fell out of the dresser (GHFMSNWKGHJEK!!!!!) and dangled from my foot for a little bit while I stared in shock.  And if you can believe it, I forgot that if a nail was wedged into my foot- it might bleed. I stepped down after I took it out, thinking to get on with my project… only to bloody the floor.

I might be the most ridiculous person on the planet.

Crafting gives me hives… and oh look, a menu board

Sometimes I get crazy ideas. Once a crazy idea has formed, I pretty much can’t be relied on to focus on anything else until I have satiated the beast. This time, I decided I should make a menu board. Actually, I decided I needed a menu board. Obviously, a menu board was the answer to all dinner dilemma woes. And I would save money because it would make weekly menu planning all the easier if I could just pick up my most commonly used meals and thumb through them.

And oh pinterest, how you egged me on by directing me to an example of how perfect and easy it could be.

I did have a few moments of sanity. In these moments, I remembered that I’m a tad ocd without any artistic abilities, so I looked all over the web for an acceptable (read: cheap and not make-your-eyes-bleed ugly) stand-in that I could just purchase. Alas, it was not meant to be.

So I stared at paper and stickers for 30 minutes, I started feeling itchy and anxious about halfway through, and I burned my finger. Though in all fairness, you kind of get what you deserve if you are wielding  hot glue at 1:30 in the morning.

And after all that?


Ignore how weird the picture is. Looks better in person…

I haven’t written on the cards yet, but the basic idea is that I will start with all the cards in the top (a .25 crayon container), pick 7 for the week, at the end of the week they go into the bottom container. Rinse and repeat. That way you cycle through your meals. I’m in love.