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Garden updates

I found four huge wire thingamajigs behind our fence. I was excited and decided to try them out as tomato cages. So behold, rusty metal in the garden bed


The tomato plants are only about two feet tall, but I’m getting the first cute little tomatoes on them. Awwwww


This is another tomato area; they haven’t been in the ground as long. I’m trying a grid out of bamboo to support these ones. I’m also trying pruning for the first time this year. I’m curious to see how they fair, especially trying a few different kinds support.


Pole-Bean Tee-Pee! I have pole beans planted all around the base and ran string between all but one of the gaps. So hopefully it will fill in and look like an actual tee-pee. This little girl is excited about it. She calls it her “own house.”


Speaking of LG, I’m having a time keeping her from poaching the sweet peas before they are ready


On to the fruit. How cute are these little peaches?! I need to thin the fruit, but I keep putting it off because they are adorable.


My strawberry patch. Doesn’t look like it from the first view, but they are loaded. We got to eat the first of this years crop today. So good!

IMG_20130514_191349_613 IMG_20130514_190246_382

The blueberries are happy, too.


Potatoes, Lettuce, and Broccoli

My 2013 garden is 90% planted now and I adore it. Adore it, I tell you. I’m going to try to track its progress on here, but I’ll only post about a few things at a time.

This year I’m trying potatoes! I probably shouldn’t even admit how excited I am about this, but the mere fact that I feel the need to blog about my garden probably outs me to some extent…

I’m trying out three methods, hopefully one, if not all, are successful and I can start growing them every year. I have red, white, and Yukon gold. The Yukon gold is so far the poorest performer in who actually came out of the ground to join the party.



This is the traditional (mostly), in the ground and hilled up potato plot. This mess is in the back, and if I’m being honest, I am kind of neglecting the hilling bit more than I should.




This is the current fad in potato growing, the oh-so-popular grow bag. I really didn’t foresee the mess they make. I need to get them off my porch (the place said bag is supposed to be perfect for.) I have done “hilling” in this as well. Also known as filling up the bag as the plant grows.




And last but not least, my great hope in the potato race: Square foot gardening potatoes. I contacted someone else that throws them in the bottom of her raised bed, no hilling required, and gets a great harvest every year. Oh please, oh please work for me. That’s all I do for my sweet potatoes and I’d love an equally easy potato harvest.




Last year I couldn’t for the life of me get my lettuce going. This year I had a few casualties, but for the most part? Boom. More lettuce than I can use- it’s everywhere.

IMG_0330 IMG_0329



My broccoli did really well earlier this winter. I was surprised because I couldn’t get it started last year in the house. Turns out I still can’t get it started in the house. I can only grow broccoli outside.  Underneath that little plant are some broccoli volunteers (unintentional seeding from previous plant). I always feel terrible guilty ripping out the volunteers, but I’m not sure there’s enough time for them to mature before it gets too hot.